LTE/4G eNodeB

The SDR based eNodeB solutions from 5G Tech is a 3GPP LTE Release 9 compliant. It covers all transmitter and receiver layers with provided GUI for L1 Log capturing and Wireshark is provided for L2 and L3 log capturing, in real-time, through a RF interface with an UE. eNodeB from 5G Tech is low cost, user friendly and suitable for research & Developement also for Industrial training.


The SDR based UE solutions from 5G Tech is a 3GPP LTE Release 9 compliant. LTE UE offers wide range of frequencies and band test solutions. GUI is provided for L1 logs capturing and wireshark for L2 and L3 log capturing also text based logs provided. LTE UE is a low cost, user friendlyThe offering and is available in C and Matlab versions.

LTE(4G)/GSM Sniffer

LTE/GSM sniffer is used for LTE/GSM network scanning, monitoring and tracking applications. It has the capability to track the complete frequency spectrum from 50MHz to 6GHz in few minutes and track several target rogue base stations simultaneously. Design and implementation is done in GNU Radio blocks. Our R&D team is working on 5G NR sniffing.

Specifications are given below:

Supported GSM Band: GSM 850, P-GSM 900, E-GSM 900, DCS 1800

Scalability: Builds on SDR platform which can be scalable for other wireless communication technology such as CDMA,  WiFi, LTE etc.

SDR Lab Kit

Inacademics, research and developement in wireless communication stops mostly at simulation level. It aims to build flexible radio systems, which are multi-service, multi-standard, multiband, re-configurable and re-programmable, by software.Hence the developed product is offering potential solutions to several front-end architectures of SDR.


  • All basic modulation schemes in GNU Radio
  • Academic Research for implementation and test new algorithms
  • EnodeB Testing with wireshark log analysis supports 3GPP Rel8 & Rel9 compilent
  • GSM base station Testing with wireshark logs
  • GNU Radio experiments
  • LTE, GSM live signal capturing, Drive test for analysis(Academic)